“Resentment and Procrastination are a thing of the Past”

Trista Testimonial SYL 2015

“From struggling to say no, to taking time to respond to a request for my time or energy.”

Jo JoBefore I met Karina I found it extremely difficult to say “no” to people.  Not only that, I used to let people do what I call “emote” all over me!  I thought it was normal and ok.  That was until I met Karina.  I was so impressed and envious because she could say “no” and ask for what she wanted, I always felt guilty.  I didn’t realise until after speaking with Karina that the reason I struggled was because I had no or very weak boundaries.  I didn’t even know what a boundary was!  (A boundary is just saying what is and isn’t ok.) This was a massive “aha” for me and now I am very clear about my boundaries, I take my time before I respond to a request of my time or energy, and I communicate if someone is “emoting all over me” and let them know that it’s not ok, and either remove myself or communicate what’s not working for me and this is why.  It is sooo empowering.  Not everyone liked it at the start, that’s why I took Karina’s great advice and started with just one or two people that I felt safe with and that knew I was wanting to practise, learn to use and strengthen my boundaries.  This alone has been life changing.  Oh and one of the amazing spin offs from this is I never felt heard or my intuition honoured.  I realised it was because I wasn’t listening to myself or honouring my own intuition.  Now I feel completely heard and the very important people in my life now trust and honour my “gut feelings” and not only that, but value them as the gift that they are.  This all started from me learning to honour myself by creating boundaries.

One of the things that I LOVE about Karina is her ability to really “hear” me… she doesn’t just listen, she hears what I’m saying and then really gets it.  I know this because she recreates me and also reflects it back to me so I can really get the acknowledgement of what I’ve got and often times get my learning or sharing at a whole new level.  This is such an extraordinary gift that Karina possesses and one the world has a large shortage of.

Karina is also awesome at asking great questions.  Questions that have you look inside yourself, not in a judging way or making you wrong, but in a powerful compassionate way.  This has made a massive difference to me when I couldn’t “see” my own stuff.  The best part is Karina doesn’t point it out, she helps me to discover the answer (my truth) for myself, so the learning is deeper and more powerful than someone just telling you.

Karina is one of a kind.  She is compassionate, committed and dynamic.  She loves people and supporting them in changing their lives to match their values and what’s important to them.  I see a lot of coaches and PD people helping people with goals, but they aren’t authentic for the person – they are just what they think they want to achieve and then wonder why they don’t achieve them or if they do why they still feel unfulfilled.  Karina has a gift to get to the heart of what’s important to you and support you to achieve that on a daily basis so you do get to experience heaven on earth.

Thanks Karina, I’m forever grateful.

Joanne Harrison

Director – Harrison’s Home Reno’s

February 2015


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