What is Life Coaching?

“You should become a life coach,” a friend told me. I didn’t know what that was, so I did some research, and thus began my initial 4-year journey of return to study.

In a diploma of life coaching, the “official blurb” defining a life coach is this:

Life Coaching is about assisting a client in closing the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

It’s about working with someone who wants to achieve more in their life. With a qualified life coach, they can discover what’s important to them, what’s missing in their life or business, and what outcomes they’re looking for.  A coach asks questions, listens, reflects and challenges a client’s thinking in a way that enables them to discover new ways to create the transformation they’re seeking. I stress qualified life coach because it’s important for a client’s well-being and outcomes that their coach is professionally trained.

A parallel between a sports coach and a life coach is this: a sports person wants to improve their game and a professional coach helps them reach their goal. For example, a golfer may want to improve their swing, short game, or putting, and recognise they need help. So they hire a coach. In life it’s often the same: at some point we all need help.

Personally, I specialize in assisting women create a lifestyle that’s important to them. Many simply soldier on through life and don’t have time for themselves, often they lose a sense of who they, what is their purpose, they feel like it’s never about them, and it’s all about everyone else. This leaves them with nothing in the tank at the end of each day to give to themselves, or loved ones. They need help to de-stress, de-clutter, and discover what is the ideal lifestyle for them.

Karina is a Life Coach with a Dip of Life Coaching, a NLP Practitioner and a Public Speaker.

She runs Transformational Retreats, Hands On Workshops and 1:1 Life Coaching.


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