nutshellKarina in a ‘Nutshell’ –

“To Thine Own Self Be True, and it must follow as the night, the day, thou canst not be false to any man”

I came across this quote over 10 years ago that has been like a homing beacon for me whenever I get off track. I use this as a guide to continually check in with myself with things that I do, or people that I meet, when things start to go pear- shape it’s usually because I’ve started dancing to someone’s else beat, and forgotten to dance to y own beat.

What I’ve Learned Thus Far

I’m not designed to just go go go and have no R and R, and it took nearly dying for me to figure that out.  Now days I’ve incorporated much more fun into what I do, I work when I want to, with whom I want to, and take lots of mini and extended breaks in our caravan with my beautiful hubby Daryl, and visit our grown up kids, Ben and Jess as often as we like.

My Loves

I am supremely passionate about the magnificent great outdoors and spend as much time as possible in nature, walking on beaches, or through the bush, riding my bike, or just sitting in the sun. We are blessed to live on a large property and together my hubby and myself have  created a lovely garden oasis to play in and sit back and watch grow.

Connection (with myself and others) is the most important thing to me. To quote my favourite mentor, Dr Brene Brown, “Connection is why we’re here; it gives purpose and meaning to our lives”. I love catching up with friends and family and will talk to complete strangers, just ask my daughter Jess. I constantly freak her out by talking to complete strangers.  “Mum you’ll talk to anyone”, she says, and yes I do! I love connecting, it’s why I’m here.

I love working with my hands either in the garden, on creative pursuits, like making jewellery from sea glass, or working in the shed on various projects, or just fixing all those little things around the house instead of asking my hubby to do them, I quite like the sense of achievement that gives me.

I love constant change and growth

I’m always trying something new things. Personal growth and evolution is something that is an absolute must for me. I’m a huge believer in you’re either growing or you’re dying. I invest in my own personal growth and development through books, courses, retreats, personal coaching when I need the outside support and endeavour to always have a heart open to feedback and growth.

I like to know how things work, what makes people tick and why stuff happens like it does. I am supremely curious and love to learn about myself, why I react to certain things, what’s important to me, how I can relate better to those around me. As soon as I learn something new I just want to share it, like a virus really. It’s compulsory, it’s part of who I am,

Nurturing Others  – My Gift to Give – through the vehicle of Life Coaching

The definition of Nurture is to cause to thrive, and it’s my number 1 passion. Being able to assist someone transform their life for the better, is an absolute pleasure.  To see someone go from victim to empowerment, there’s nothing better. Throughout all my years of coaching and hundreds of clients I have assisted, nothing brings me more pleasure than when bumping into people years later to see how they they have blossomed, grown, gone on to carve out their own place in the world, empowered with a new sense of purpose, with beliefs that support them to achieve their dreams and goals, and the ripple effect they are having on the planet.

Create A Lifestyle That Right for You

Often we get out of control because we’re not sure what we want out of life or our businesses. Often in the past our passion or goals and dreams have been either let go of, snuffed out or just swamped with life. Getting connected to what’s important to you and what’s the lifestyle that right for you is what I’m all about.

Self Nurture

Society as a rule, sends the message that putting yourself and your needs first is selfish. I totally disagree. Number 1 you are responsible for yourself and getting your needs met. Whether that’s feeding yourself nourishing foods, and taking time to sit down and eat, keeping fit by exercising your body, getting plenty of rest and good quality sleep, hanging out with family and friends, doing stuff that nurtures you and feeds your soul, this in turn fills your love tank for you then have fuel in your tank to meet the needs of those around you.

Create A Support Network of Friends


Often we get stuck in our own stuff that prevents us from moving forward or thinking outside the square to address the many challenges that come in being a business owner. The reason they are called ‘blind spots’ is because we can’t see them! Karina loves the challenge of problem solving the challenges that are holding people back from achieving the success that they so desperately desire but need a little outside support to make that happen.

Key Points to Remember

Being Busy is Over Rated and could kill you! Walk on the Beach whenever you get the opportunity and remember to ‘Breathe’.

Enjoy the Journey

Karina is big on enjoying the journey of life and I only work with people that want to enjoy their life. She is a self confessed dag with her can-do attitude, which she combines with a sense of playfulness that is highly contagious. ‘When you can combine what you are passionate about, have lots of fun along the way, learn that making mistakes is often the best way to learn and don’t take yourself too serious, life can be a great lot of fun.’

A More Indepth Personal Background

Karina grew up in regional Australia to entrepreneurial parents. Her Mum and Dad both owned and ran their own businesses over the years. She witnessed the successes and the failures and the seed was planted for wanting to own and run her own lifestyle business. The luxury of having mum and dad around most of the time growing up was very appealing.

As is making the most of an outdoor lifestyle style. Growing up Karina was a keen sportswomen from netball, to hockey, softball, surf lifesaving, volleyball, snow skiing, touch football, and now days working out with her personal trainer, walking the dog and riding her bike. Often seen on the many nature and adventure walks in the Great South West of Victoria, where she makes her home

groupShe has been married for nearly 30 years to Daryl and they have 2 wonderful all grown up children, Ben and Jess. She enjoys the many benefits of living in a rural seaside city. Karina and her hubby share a passion for motor bikes and are often seen riding around the district exploring its many wonders and drinking great coffee. Her absolute passion is keeping fit, body, mind and spirit and secretly desires wash board abs like P!nk.

Community is high on the priority list. Karina is a member of the Portland Tourist Association, Portland Business Network, Leader and Founder of Babes in Biz, a support and networking group for like-minded women who own and operate a small business. And recently taken on board the role as Facilitator for Friends of Fawthrop Lagoon – a coastcare group.

Experience and Qualifications

She has hundreds of hours working with small business owners, managers and CEO’s. She is a public speaker and trainer with an additional 25 years experience in small business through owning, operating and managing a variety of businesses. Karina was a class facilitator and mentor with The Coaching Institute, Australasia’s most accredited leading coach training institute. She has a Diploma of Coaching, NLP Practitioner and also holds a Cert III in Financial Services, (all while being a wife, mum, friend and running 2 businesses).

awardIn addition she is a Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and graduate of Essential Coaching Skills for Leaders, as well as mentor to many, including budding coaches within The Coaching Institute. Karina continues to invest in her education by upgrading appropriate qualifications each year, keeping fresh and innovative tools in her Coaching kit.
Utilizing her diverse range of skills Karina is now investing her time in truly entrepreneurial pursuits. What has been key to her success is associating with people that inspire and encourage her to stretch herself, to continually build on her skill set and encourage her to pursue her dreams, hence she belongs to a number of mastermind groups.

In the early days Karina worked with larger organizations like Harvey World Travel, Shadforth Financial Group, and Flight Centre as well as not for profits organizations like Kyeema Support Services. Karina now prefers to work with serviced based business owners because she is able to make the biggest difference in a smaller amount of time, where the business owner calls the shots and can implement change immediately to get the results they desire.

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