There is no way this little Aussie could have possibly achieved what he did without cheating?  So how did Cadel Evans (first Australian to ever win the Tour de France, famous french bike ride of over 3430 kms spread over 21 days) cheat and get away with it?

The 3 1/2 Secrets Revealed

Watch today’s video to find out how he did it and got away with it. Stay tuned for the  1/2 Secret, it’s vital. Watch now.

Secret # 3 Get a Coach

Evans has been quoted to say that his long term coach Sassi, ‘often believed in me more than I did myself’.

If you’re sick of tired of sitting on the side lines of life, wondering how you can turn your business around, get control of you’re life back and start achieving some of your dreams (just like Cadel, remember he had a coach). Contact me now to find out how you can hit the ground running for 2012.

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